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MESA VERDE OUTFITTERS currently has over thirty thousand acres of privatly managed properties available to hunt and we are constantly expanding to accommodate our hunters and to provide that world class hunting experience. Our properties range in size from ten thousand acres of conjoining ranches to two hundred acre farms but make no mistake we harvest some of our biggest animals on some of our smaller properties and we will always go where your best chance is to harvest a trophy is. The properties can range in distances of five miles to fifty miles from the lodge but we have multiple properties in each area so finding that right piece of ground for that day and those specific conditions will not be a problem. Our goal is to provide quality hunts so we limit the number of hunters we take at any given time and we don’t over hunt our properties so everyone has the opportunity to hunt animals that have experienced low pressure. We use methods that don’t push animals off our properties and avoid aggressive tactics as we have confidence in our herds and feel within that five days you will be presented with that shot opportunity you are striving for.

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